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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  August 29, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> good evening. >> we begin tonight with breaking news about a chicago police officer shot in the morgan park neighborhood. >> that officer was shot in the need. he is in good condition. what can you tell us,? >> we have been here for a few moments. we will show you what we can see from here. you can look north on lumas.
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it happened on the 800 block. he suffered a gunshot wound to his leg. somewhere near the knee. the emergency crews transported him to the medical center and the oak lawn. we do believe he is in stable condition. we do not have information at this point on any arrests or the investigation. this is happen in the past hour. we will bring you an update as we find out more. >> thank you. to the other top story tonight that big republican national convention. >> america wants to hear from the middle america. they will tonight. paul ryan is the keynote speaker, the man who would like to be vice-president.
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i have to tell you. the cheese heads are everywhere. the guy running the convention is from kenosha wisconsin. paul ryan coming up shortly after condoleezza rice. they even have a restaurant behind me named it she's had in the arena. >> we are in the middle of a cheese said revolution. -- cheesehead revolution. >> i am expecting -- >> we have paul ryan. >> how did you give front row? >> here in the gov.'s see. there are upstairs. >> yes, they do have a restaurant named after the state here. >> they will not let me into the
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party. is that because i am from illinois? " we may have some heated sports revelries, -- >> you are hiding paul ryan in there. >> i bet they would lead in this congressman from illinois. aaron schock built his physique with paul ryan. it worked out every morning. but we have an agreement that of paul ryan is elected vice president, they are all having us over every morning to work out. >> i did not want to go to that restaurant anyway. illinois does have one thing to brag about. julie has that for you tonight.
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>> he kicked off the night, ,ray leading pc of republicans in a pledge of allegiance. >> it is an honor of me. -- leading a sea of republicans in the pledge of allegiance. >> there are other states. we have other people that are up and comers. i respect the fact that the rnc should look at people to go up on stage, give them recognition. they should fill that with illinois. >> leaving no others to take the stage this election year, illinois taking a back seat of sorts. >> would you look at our congressional delegation, it is a matter of the republicans trying to keep the gains they made in the 2010 midterm elections rather than projecting the idea there is any great superstar out there.
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>> this on a day when the -- illinois had their credit downgraded by the s&p. >> this is about trying to turn things around. the focus is on engaging people and asking them to take a look at the gop, the way to move forward in terms of job creation. i think there are some great speakers and leadership all the way around. >> it does not bother me. i am glad we have somebody up there. >> we have guys like pete that are really doing a great job. they can only showcase so many people. i think we will be in there. we will be fighting. we may tip illinois the right way. >> tomorrow morning the illinois delegation will convene once more. the former governor of new hampshire inner -- new hampshire and also the former chief of
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staff to george bush will be there. he must find illinois important enough to address them personally. >> great work again today. almost a full day after isaac now a tropical storm but still dangerous and destructive as it sweeps over the gulf coast. >> isaac may have been downgraded, but it is just as relentless as ever. the rain will not stop and the threat of flooding still looms. isaac swept through the gulf coast wednesday. dozens of people who did not follow evacuation orders have been rescued from flooded homes. once we were going to try to leave, and then we did not because we had nowhere to go. >> hundreds of thousands of people are without power. isaac keeps turning.
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disaster striking twice for those who went through cut -- katrina. >> i did not think it would happen again. we left with katrina. that is it. we had enough. i am not coming back anymore. >> it could bring over 1 foot of rain to the region. >> this storm is a slow-moving storm. it will be moving through our state. we will be dealing with this through early friday morning. >> the flooding is not over yet. the mayor warned residents to stay prepared. >> i would like to say now is not the time to let your guard down. you have to stay hunkered down and inside. you have to stay on task. >> i have more damage from this storm than katrina. >> they predict isaac will weaken as it moves over land over the next 48 hours.
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new orleans is under a dusk until dawn curfew. the storm that has taken its toll will have been over louisiana for 50 hours. if it leaves by friday morning. >> then hurricane isaac brought widespread flooding to the gulf coast. seven years to the day hurricane katrina slammed into new orleans killing 1500 people leaving 80% of the city under water. residents are still recovering from the devastation. while isaac pummels the mississippi coast the levirate levees have passed their first test. >> you track these storms. >> in the downtown new orleans on the lake front, the tropical storm force winds started at
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5:00. they have been going nonstop ever since. the long stay in the area and the torrential rains and persistent onshore flow will be the characteristics that marked the storm in history. as it moves north and starting to do so, the rains are far from over as was just mentioned. heavy rains have come down. something where this -- there were 112 temperatures in the dakotas and some of the heat is shifting in our direction for tomorrow and friday. up to 22.5 inches of rain in parts of the area. biloxi mississippi 12.80. gulfport 9.25. you get the picture there. that is a chaotic gulf of mexico to put it mildly. others from folsom, louisiana,
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look at the standing water there. the wind is delivering the rain horizontal the which brings into question the measurements of rainfall in some areas. it is losing wind strength through arkansas and missouri. then it becomes our problem in the midwest, where a solution to the drought problem. these tend to be strengthened by the storm's outflow. tomorrow bright sunny skies and on friday. you would not even a imagine there is a tropical system on the way. out comes the clouds and rain. they arrive saturday afternoon. we are with significant rainfall. we arrived at about one. three-quarters --1.3 inches of rain. here is the forecast as the storm very slowly moves
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northward. 50 mile per hour winds tomorrow morning. 40 miles per hour winds tomorrow evening. finally the wind it lets up after that. there will still be showers after that. much more on the possible impact of our area. that is later in the broadcast. back to you perry >> we look forward to seeing you soon. chicago teachers could be seeing the picket line for the first time in 25 years. >> what puts them one step closer to striking. >> drew peterson's lawyers make a decision on whether he will testify. >> michael jackson's kids were in gary, indiana today.
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ted and at peterson did not take the stand. his son said his father is
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innocent and the death of savio. >> 19-year-old thomas petersen looked at his dad and smiled as he took the stand it. drew peterson listened intently to the testimony. tom was asked if he ever thought his father killed his mother. he replied 'i have not once suspected that. he believes his father is innocent. drew peterson said today he will not testify in his own defense. >> he would rather put his son on the stage on the -- on the stand and testify rather than put himself up there. >> earlier in the day the call the the defense attorney. stacey peter sen called smith to retain him. she wanted to divorce peterson
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and leave the state with their two young children and savio's young boys. this is where the defense strategy may have backfired. "she wanted to know if, in my opinion, the fact he used kathy could be used against him in divorce proceedings. could we get more money out of your if we threaten to tell the police how he killed cathy." stacy peterson told her pastor months before she disappeared that drew killed her. >> are you kidding me? >> defense attorneys came out swinging after that. they said they did not see the correlation between smith only stacy was trying to extort money. >> she had a motive to lie. she wanted a financial ad -- financial advantage to lie. >> when asking stacey if she
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knew she could be arrested, he said no. >> the jury heard a loud and clear that drew killed kathleen that night. it was all givne as a gift f rom the defense. >> we are very pleased with the way the case is going. we are looking forward to putting on the rebuttal witnesses. thank you very much. what's on thursday morning the state will start calling their rebuttal witnesses, two pathologists who will testify that savio was murdered. >> michael jackson's family celebrating the 54th birthday in his hometown of gary indiana. prince michael and paris travel
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to participate in the four-day celebration. it started with a tribute to honor the king of pop in his old home. >> coming up, after a lackluster effort last night the white sox look more like a first-place team on wgn tonight. >> the nfl season will kick off one week from tonight with replacement referees.
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>> a big night for the red sox -- the white sox. >> a juggling of the rotation found alexrod facing the orioles. they lost the first two gains in the series. axelrod was the stopper tonight. a big first. rios with a shot to right-center field for a double. two runs were scored. the sox were on top early. he pops one up to right field. it will drop in their territory.
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the sox are on their way tonight. axelrod pitched one run on three hits. they went 8-1. the sox lead three games over the tigers. the cubs and the brewers tied at one. a base hit -- this makes it 2-1. he steals a second. a wild toss. it's even worse. he scores, two errors in the play. the brewers when it 4-1 tear that have lost three in a row. the bears cutting two veterans today, radheed davis.
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the nfl will be using replacement officials when the season opens. talks are at a standstill. when the action heats up in the regular camp, there is a fear things may blow up in a hurry. >> that change of pace of play will be a concern, to see if they can keep up and make sure first and foremost they protect the players and keep them safe something the players have been doing a whole lot to maintain. to continue to progress and keeping the players safe. that is a strong point of concern with replacement referees. >> we put the best possible officials up there, which they have done. we complained of matter who is out there. coaches and players will complain about the officials. i think they have done a decent job for the most part. >> the fighting a lionized -- tough
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road games at wisconsin and ohio state. for now, he is ready. >> i am very involved in the football game. i will be cooking back and forth, offense defense, and special teams. i like to be involved. that is part of me. i like to chest, then read on the field and all of that. that is why i coach football. >> it could -- it should be quite a show. the top seeded american -- the 2014 major-league all-star game and the minnesota. >> thank you. that is the news for this wednesday night. >> updates on
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have a good night.
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